Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Council Depot Moving to Dock Gate 20

The Council today took the decision to purchase land in the docks near Dock Gate 20. The Council intends to use the site for a new town depot, providing a recycling centre and base for Council bin lorries.

The existing Chapel based facility is in an appalling state and needs considerable investment. Test Lane was one site being considered as part of the study and residents were advised by the Council in the interests of openness. However, it has now been ruled out as land at Dock Gate 20 was considered to be more suitable and better value for money. The land has been acquired from the private owners and development will likely take place by 2011.

Due to commercial confidentiality the Council was unable to discuss Dock Gate 20 before now. Now the deal has gone through I am delighted that Council can now reveal that Dock Gate 20 rather than Test Lane is the preferred site.
The decision is a victory for local Councillor Paul Holmes who has been campaigning hard on behalf of the Old Redbridge community.

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