Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich North Goes Blue

Norwich North's New Conservative Member of Parliament

Congratulations to Chloe Smith! She fought a terrific campaign and I’m glad that Norwich North now has a Conservative MP. This result again confirms that the electorate is sick of Gordon Brown and this Labour Government’s disastrous handling of the economy.

If the swing at yesterday’s Norwich North By Election result was replicated at the General Election it would see Southampton turn blue, with both Labour MPs, John Denham (Southampton Itchen) and Alan Whitehead (Southampton Test) losing their seats to the Conservatives.

Southampton Test Projected Result
Conservatives – 32.25%
Labour – 16.01%
Conservative majority of 6786

Southampton Itchen Projected Result
Conservatives – 33.75%
Labour – 21.56%
Conservative majority of 4844

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