Saturday, May 23, 2009

Launch of South East Euro Election Campaign

At the new Southampton Cruise Terminal at the Docks

Last week I helped launch the Conservatives' European election campaign in the South East. SE Conservative MEPs and candidates joined Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling in Southampton Docks to mark the official start of the campaign. Prior to the official launch we met with the Port Director for a tour of the docks and heard how the recession is affecting trade through the port. We also heard how the Government's back dated business rates hike and a huge increase in shipping light dues are harming local firms.

Conservatives are putting their calls for a refurendum on the Lisbon Treaty at the heart of the election campaign. In 2005 all three main parties promised a public vote on whether more powers should be passed from Britain to Brussels. Only the Conservatives are honouring that pledge and only a strong showing for the Conservatives will put pressure on Gordon Brown to put the question to the people.

The Conservatives want a Europe of Nation States and not an EU superstate. We will campaign for a no vote on the Treaty of Lisbon and have ruled out giving up the pound for the Euro.

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Anonymous said...

are you going to take the bet, £100,000 with Whealer that the conservatives will not deliver a refurendum