Tuesday, March 31, 2009

City’s Labour MPs Need To Stand Up For The Port

The City’s Labour MPs should be challenging government plans to impose massive new tax rises on the port of Southampton.

The port is fundamental to the economy of Southampton and the region and tax hikes that drive away shipping will destroy local jobs.

This comes on top of the bungled decision recently by the government to impose a back dated business rates bill of £3.75m on 25 businesses in and around the port.

Our MPs, who should be fighting the city’s corner, are saying and doing nothing. Alan Whitehead MP, as a former Under Secretary of state for Transport, should understand the importance of the port and should be standing up for the city.

Time after time our Labour MPs are letting Southampton down. In the last few weeks we have had millions of pounds of government funding pulled from the city. They have pulled the plug on the money to revamp Guildhall Square and the money to rebuild the city’s colleges seems to be slipping away. Our MPs should start fighting for our local interests and putting the city first.

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