Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I have been working hard as your Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test since being selected 12 months ago.

It's been a fantastic year, and I am proud to have made several changes in Southampton as a member of the new Conservative Cabinet on Southampton City Council.

- Doubling spending on repairing our roads.

- Securing £35m of funding for two new city academies.

- Boosting investment in our estates with an extra £1.5m for Millbrook and Maybush.

- Launching a new £1.8m package to insulate 3,000 rented homes.

I have also put a stop to the unpopular policies of the last administration, such as their plans to scrap the weekly bin collection and their plan to introduce extra charges for residents parking zones.

During 2009 I will be working with my council colleagues to do everything I can to support Southampton people through the tough economic times and get our city through the crisis.

- We are investing in key infrastructure projects in the city with our programme of works amounting to £80m over the coming 12 months.

- We will see continued investment in the city with IKEA opening in February, the redevelopment of Northern Above Bar, the opening of the new Carnival HQ and the planning application for Watermark West Quay, one of the biggest retail developments in the south.

- We will ensure council tax is kept as low as possible and will deliver on our commitment for a 10% discount for pensioners.

- We will help recruit more Special Constables by giving them a 100% discount on their council tax. We will also support the police in limiting the number of new pub and club licences in the city centre and Bevois Valley. Thousands of worn out street lights will be replaced.

- We will expand our new schools sports partnership with Solent University. 20 schools will be taking part in this hugely successful scheme in 2009.

I will keep local people updated throughout the year on what I’m doing. Last year I worked closely with many resident and tenant groups and met with representatives from a number of faith and voluntary groups in the city. I am keen to meet with and support many more local groups in 2009.

A happy and prosperous New Year to everyone!

Best Wishes

Cllr Jeremy Moulton

Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test

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