Monday, January 05, 2009

£1.8m Package to Insulate Local Homes

In December I launched a new scheme with the Southampton City Council and the energy company E-ON to provide free insulation for all private rented homes in the city. The £1.8 million scheme will help insulate over 3,000 homes.

This is a huge investment that will make a real difference to thousands of residents, many of whom are vulnerable people struggling to heat their homes.

By insulating homes for free we will ensure that fuels bills are cut. As well as keeping people warm, it is great news for the environment.


Anonymous said...

it is not an investment, they take teh money through your bill (CERT) and they then have to spend the money on improving insulation

Anonymous said...

Why cant these private landlords, pay for it themselves?
The vulnerable people who live in this private accomodation are arguably on benefits and probably get their rent paid for them as well by the state. In many cases the private landlords benefit here by having their mortgages paid via these vulnerable claimants.
It seems to me that you are doing the private landlords more of a favour.