Monday, November 17, 2008

C&A Building Demolition Underway

The demolition of the former C&A building on Northern Above Bar has now begun, to make way for a new modern office block in two years time.

The new building will house Southampton City Council and Capita staff and will provide a new customer service centre on the ground floor, along with retail outlets and a restaurant.

The office block will be an important component of the Northern Above Bar regeneration project. I am really pleased that demolition of C&As is going ahead and that we are on course for the new building in 2010.

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Anonymous said... using Capita such a good idea??

There are two reasons why I would say that it's a bad idea:

1) You could end up losing many SCC-employed staff who have the knowledge base to deal with matters such as business rates, social care etc. So, if when you approach the end of the contract with Capita and decide you want to discontinue with them, you don't have much of an option of taking the work in-house again. You could end up in a bind where you have no choice but stay out-sourced as you have lost the internal knowledge and capacity.
2) I deal with the likes of Capita and Liberata and I have to say they are not very good. Their knowledge of the areas I have personally dealt with them on (business rates) has been superficial at best.