Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Action to Curb Cycling on the Pavements

A campaign was launched in Shirley last week to stop cyclists riding dangerously on the pavements. I have been working with the city council and the police over the past few months to tackle the problem of dangerous cyclists. Large numbers of residents from Shirley and Freemantle have contacted me. They are concerned that the problem is getting worse.

New signs, like the one above, have been installed along Shirley High Street. Initially the plan is to persuade and educate people. However as a last resort the police can hand out £30 fines.


Paul Clark said...

It was a great idea to set up the stall and to post the signs and the campaign did seem to be effective for a while, but now most of the signs have blown down or been torn down and ignorant and inconsiderate cyclists are reverting to type.

Only today, as I was waiting to cross Shirley Avenue at its junction with Shirley High Street, my elbow was clipped by a cyclist weaving between me and the person waiting next to me. The cyclist then almost got knocked off his bike by a car turning into Shirley Avenue and, in trying to recover the situation, nearly knocked over an old lady with a walking stick waiting on the opposite pavement!

Since the "roadshow" and "stall" back in November I have not seen any police officers or PCSOs walking the beat of Shirley High Street.

Jeremy Moulton said...

Dear Paul

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to Shirley Police. I know that this is still very much a live issue and that the police are still working on it. I was at a neighbourhood watch meeting the other week and the police were very clear that it was still a priority.