Thursday, November 01, 2007

Raymond Road

For a number of years the Council has been looking at some changes to the Raymond Road / Hill Lane junction.

There have been a few accidents over the years. Turning right from Raymond Road into Hill Lane has always been difficult because visibility on the corner is quite bad.

I have also relieved a number of letters asking if the Council could do something to help cyclists and pedestrians cross the road to access the Common entrance.

The Council's initial plans were to put in yet another set of traffic lights at the junction. I have been opposing this as it will mean more congestion and more cars using roads like Thornbury Avenue and Greville Road as rat runs to get into town.

Council officers are now working on an alternative proposal.

This is likely to include a Toucan crossing for pedestrians and cycles to be located just to the north of Raymond Road. The footways could be widened on either side of the crossing to allow for shared use by pedestrians and bicycles.

Also being investigated is the possibility of providing pedestrian islands in Raymond Road near to Hill Lane.

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