Thursday, November 01, 2007

Planning Meeting - 6th November

Next Tuesday's planning panel meeting has some very important and controversial applications on the agenda, including the New College Linden Homes development and also IKEA. Click HERE for a full list of applications.

New College

This is a proposal for 200+ flats and commercial units on the old La Santa Union Site.

I have commented on this application previously and objected on a number of grounds.

I am very concerned about this proposed development which once again is flats, flats, flats and very little family housing. This is despite full council recently agreeing to new strict family housing planning policies.

Also I am concerned that only minimal efforts have been made to make the proposed development environmentally sound and sustainable. I would very much like to see any development on the site link into the city's combined heat and power (CHP) station or provide on site CHP and am very disappointed that Linden rejected this idea. Again this is despite the clear direction of the council to expand CHP across the city.

The New College Application will be heard on Tuesday at 3pm at the Civic Centre. Anyone can go along to the meeting.

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