Thursday, October 18, 2007

Southampton Uni Conservatives Go from Strength to Strength

Last night I went back to my old university for the Southampton University Conservative Society's first social of the academic year.

The society at Southampton has always been really strong and the Conservatives have long been the biggest party on campus.

I was really amazed at just how many people came along.

I think now is a really good time to get involved in politics. The last couple of weeks have been really exciting. Conference season this year was really good, then there was the issue about whether or not Brown would call an election, then Cameron's come back speech and finally the knifing of Ming.

Southampton is also a great place to get stuck in politically. The Conservatives have just taken control of the city council for the first time in 23 years and one of the local Labour MPs has just become a government minister. Locally there is plenty of clear blue water between the parties, as Southampton's Labour party are the Labour party of old, the dinosaur left.

I am sure the university will get some great speakers down this year and will have some good socials. I hope that all those getting involved will have a fun time both in Southampton politics and also at the university.

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