Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Planning Meeting 9th October

Click HERE to see the list of planning applications being considered by the City Council's Planning and Rights of Way panel on next Tuesday.

Applications in Freemantle Ward being considered are:

117-123 Paynes Road - 41 flats

118 Waterloo Road - 12 flats

Update 09/10/07 - The Waterloo Road application was rejected by the panel. The Paynes Road application was approved. I am very please the Waterloo Road one was turned down as the design was awful.


Nico said...

Dear Jeremy

It is something that I simply can't understand. Why a good size family house has to be put down so that a few flats go up in its place?

I hope the Council is sensible to see that families are more often being pushed outside the city centre if they can afford the price, or have to try and find flats to live in.

A house (even better if it comes with a garden) is essential for a family with children to have good quality life.


Liz said...

I am also pleased the Waterloo Road Plan was rejected. Do you know what the grounds for the rejection was? I am saddened that the Payne's Road houses will be flattened however. Is this the houses opposite the church between Minster/Trinity Court and Shaftesbury House?

Anonymous said...

I believe you are mistaken in the Waterloo Road plans being rejected - perhaps you should look at the planning website. This is totally out of keeping with the locality and will become a blot on the landscape of the area. The design certainly suits placement on say somewhere like the 'costa brava' than Southampton. What on earth were the planning committee thinking!

Jeremy Moulton said...

Well looking at the website it says pending although its been to committee and I am told it was rejected. I will check again. It certainly should have been.

Liz said...

Despite this being looked at weeks ago, the planning website still says pending!

Jeremy Moulton said...

Apologies for my mistake on this. The application for 117-223 was refused. It has been resubmitted and has the reference 08/00014/FUL.