Thursday, September 06, 2007

Plans Unveiled To Make Southampton Britain's Greenest City

At Springhill School, the new Conservative Council Administration today launched its integrated energy vision for Southampton.

The vision will see the expansion of energy efficient combined heat and power (CHP) technology throughout the city and better use of renewable energy such as biomass.

The biggest change will be to require as part of the planning process, large-scale developments in the city (such as new schools and colleges and large scale residential developments) to incorporate district energy such as CHP . These large developments will then act as hubs to link in smaller developments and existing dwellings.

At the moment, the city's CHP network already supplies around 40 businesses including the West Quay shopping centre, The Quays Swimming Complex and Southampton Solent University, while similar small-scale CHP plants are in use at Southampton General Hospital and Southampton University.

Planning development costs for households wanting to put up solar panels or install small-scale wind turbine generators will also be abolished.

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shirleyswimmingpool said...

We are developing a plan for heat generation and recovery at the new Shirley Pool that will start building in summer 2009; most interested to know more!