Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Action Taken to Protect Family Housing

On Monday the new Conservative Cabinet approved an initial draft for new planning rules for the city.

Included are the following measures to protect and promote family housing in the city:

  • Developments should seek to complement the character of the local area.
  • There should be no net loss of family housing resulting from redeveloping a site. This is aimed a preventing a family house being replaced by tiny one bed room flats. If a family home is removed it needs to be replaced as part as part of the redevelopment.
  • New developments should include at least 30% family housing.
These principles will also be enshrined in local supplementary planning guidance.

The document called the Core Strategy can be found on the city council website by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you comment on the planning for Southampton, as it seems that all the heritage in Southampton (and specifically Freemantle) is slowly being destroyed by the city council with the erection of vast numbers of flats and the demolition of anything with character.

Jeremy Moulton said...

I quite agree. Local government planning decisions are straight jacketed by Government planning rules which are pushing for more and more high density developments. However the local council until now has simply gone along with this and done little to develop its only local planning requirements. Changing this and putting in place more robust local planning statements is a top priority for the new Conservative council. Requirements for family housing and developments to more in keeping with the area will be enshrined in local supplementary guidance and hopefully we will see less inappropriate developments in the future.

Anonymous said...

I do hope so. I've just recently objected twice to knocking down a lovely Victorian house in Waterloo Road opposite the church, and the associated plans to replace it with badly designed flats (I'm pretty sure it will still go ahead anyway). There are plans also directly opposite in Paynes Road. I hope this new guidance wont be too late for these developments.

Jeremy Moulton said...

Is this 118 waterloo Road? I objected to the orginal proposal which was then withdrawn. The new proposal is better (less density and fewer flats). However the design is still totally out of keeping with the area. The steel balconies and timber render are very contemporary and out of place. I have objected to the revised application. The designs are now on the council's planning website. Unfortunately the changes I mentioned on my original post will not be able to be enshrined in Supplementary Planning Guidance until January 08. I have asked that the application for 118 Waterloo Road goes before the planning panel.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is 118 Waterloo Road. I also objected to the initial proposal and have objected to the new proposal. It's out of place, out of scale and although I personally like good modern design (which I don't think this actually is), too many well designed victorian houses have been lost in this area. I look with interest to the meeting tomorrow (which I can't attend sadly). Three Houses opposite this site (in Payne's Road) are also due to be demolished and replaced wtih huge blocks of flats too if the plans go through.