Friday, May 04, 2007

Well Done Brian

Here are the results of yesterday's city council elections in Freemantle Ward:

Mitchell, Harry - Labour Party 815
Parnell, Brian, Edgar - Conservative Party - 1369 Elected
Pickering, Darren, Carl - Green Party - 395
Williams, Juliet - Liberal Democrats - 407

Rejected Ballot Papers - 13

Electorate: 10621
Turnout: 28.2%

I am delighted that Freemantle residents have re-elected Brian as their councillor for another 4 years. Brian fought a very clean campaign and worked extremely hard.

It is disappointing that despite efforts by the council (at considerable public expense - including the chartering of a light aircraft and election buses) turn out fell again. I suspect that this is largely as a result of Labour voters chosing to stay at home in protest.

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