Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Cabinet Appointed

Newly elected Council Leader, Alec Samuels has announced his Cabinet. The cabinet will be made up of members of the conservative party.

Leader: Cllr Alec Samuels
Economic Development and Regeneration: Cllr Royston Smith
Resources: Cllr Jeremy Moulton
Workforce planning: Cllr Terry Matthews
Children’s Services and learning: Cllr Peter Baillie
Adult Care and health: Cllr Ivan White
Environment & Transport: Cllr Gavin Dick
Housing & Neighbourhoods: Cllr Phil Williams
Leisure and Culture: Cllr John Hannides


David Furnell said...

Now the Tories nationally are trying to portray themselves as friendly to women and minorities why is the new cabinet all male and white.

Jeremy Moulton said...

That's not a very charitable comment David. Some of your colleagues have also been critical because we are either too old or too young!

This year we have elected 2 new lady councillors, both of whom are excellent. We also have lots more women who wish to become southampton councilors and I am sure they will.

I think most people are primarily concerned that the new cabinet does a good job.

Anonymous said...

The thing Iv'e never understood about Labour Politics in our city is why to get on you have to be either obese or getting there/

And that isn't a term of abuse I believe that according to BMI a large number of senior Labour people are rather large.

Clearly too many beers and sandwiches with the unions as UNISON and co hand the money over?

Ryan Newell said...


What qualifications do your councillors to be running their departments?

Gavin Dick in charge enviroment and transport, had Alec been drinking when he made that choice?

As he is in charge of transport I hope im right in stating that Cllr Dick will be implementing UKIPs policy on a full park n ride scheme for Southampton.

Note: I do not know if Alec drinks, something must have been wrong to give Cllr Dick a department.

Jeremy Moulton said...


Gavin has been our Environment and Transport Spokesman on the Council since 2003. So he has been shadowing the portfolio for four years.

It is Conservative policy to implement park and ride schemes in the city. I believe all political parties support this. If you have views on where you think we should site them I would be interested. The location is likely to prove the most difficult part.


David Furnell said...

How about siting a park and ride in Swaythling. I understand there is a site available.

Jeremy Moulton said...

Is that the Labour proposal David?

Ryan Newell said...

Monks Brook could be used.

We need sites near motorways on the outskirts of the city.

The last time I spoke with Alec he stated that both Labour and Lib Dems were against a park n ride scheme.