Friday, March 02, 2007

Public Rights of Way And Silverdale Road

A number of people have contacted me over the past week or so about a letter they have had from the Council about Public Rights of Way. All the questions were about Silverdale Road.

I have spoken with the Council about this and below is an explanation.

Council has been doing a review of Rights of Way in the city and is updating its formal documentation and maps.

If a path or cut way has been used over a long period of time by the public it can become a formal right of way whereby people have a right to access it.

The Council has produced some modifications to its official maps. People were given the right to object and then a public enquiry was held last year.

The results of the enquiry then went to the Inspectortate. They made some amendments. It is those amendments that the Council is referring to in its recent letter and which people can comment on. There is a final opportunity to object and objections have to go to the Inspectorate.

Silverdale Road.

Cut through to Hill Lane.
This has been confirmed as a public football and this was upheld by the Inspectorate. People can still object to this if they think that its should not be classified as such and objections need to be made to the Inspectorate by 14th March.

Cut through to Northlands Road (at the back of Grenville Court).
This was not included in the enquiry as The Banister Management Company felt that there was evidence to support that this pathway was not a public right of way and that isn't and hasn’t been treated as one in the past. This path therefore is not being looked at and will not be an official public right of way.

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