Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Politicians Should Be Judged By Their Actions and Not Their Words

Councillor Brian Parnell: Unlike Labour Conservatives Have Budgeted Free Bus Travel Across Hampshire for Southampton Pensioners

The local elections have started in earnest!

I have been reading some of the literature that Labour candidates in the city are distributing.

Some of the claims beggar belief!

In particular Labour are deeply critical of the Lib Dem run council. They even claim that the Conservatives are in alliance with Lib Dems locally.

A few facts for people to consider:

1. Labour were an unmitigated disaster when they ran the city.
2. Whilst they are making all sorts of promises at election time they were unable to deliver the things they promise when the ran the city. Also they didn't budget for the majority of things that they are now promising when they put forward the budget proposals for the city (e.g. extra road repairs, free bus travel for pensioners across Hampshire, kerbside collection of glass)
3. The reason the Lib Dems are currently in power in Southampton is that Labour voted to put them in office in May 2006!

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Matt Dean said...

As IDS often repeated, 'you can't believe a word they say anymore'!