Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Southampton Political Blogging Takes Off

Political web blogs are all the craze now in Southampton. In the last couple of weeks two new sites have been set up!

MattDeanSouthampton - A blog from Matthew Dean, Southampton resident, publican and Officer of Southampton Test Conservative Association.

Dick's Blog - Diary of a Conservative Councillor in Southampton, representing Sholing Ward.

I feel that we may be on the brink of an explosion of poltical blogging in the City. Who knows...

Meanwhile Award Winning
Sandra Gidley MP hasn't updated her Blog since 31st January 2006. This one hasn't been updated since 2005! - Gidley Watch.


Matt Dean said...

I am delighted that a number of right of centre activists are blogging and producing websites in Southampton- as well as exposing the Lib-Dems latest misdeed, all too often supported by Labour in our city, it is a great way of informing the electorate of what we are up to and recieving feedback from them.
long live the blog

Daniel S. Ketelby said...

There's also some Southampton-based political blogging from a Green perspective at the S.W. Hants Green Party site here, and at Metaphysics as a Guide to Lunch here.

Jeremy Moulton said...

Daniel, thanks for letting me know about these sites. They look really well put together. I will had a read...