Sunday, October 09, 2005

Conservative Party Conference

I have recently got back from Party Conference in Blackpool. A big team of us from Southampton went up there and had a fantastic time.

We spent a day at Blackpool pleasure beach which was excellent. It has some excellent roller coasters if you like that sort of thing.

The atmosphere at the Conference was really positive and everyone felt that it was the best conference for years.

The backdrop of a leadership campaign for leader of the party made it very interesting as the party members will end up voting on the final two candidates in the next month or so.

All the leadership candidates were good and talked about working together whoever the eventual winner ends up being.

William Hague was brilliant. Michael Howard's final conference speech was very passionate and moving.

It really felt like the party was at a crucial turning point.

I managed to attend an interesting debates on the pensions crisis, the idea of a flat tax and on localism (devolving powers from the centre to local areas).

Went to an fun quiz night (MPs vs. journalists) with Boris Johnson. Saw Derek from big Brother.

I will put some photos on our local party website went I get a chance.


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