Friday, September 30, 2005

Park Road

I was very angry to discover that the Council are proceeding to try and get an enforcement notice against the owner of the local shop in Park Road, trying to get him to remove his ramp. It is a slap in the face for a local businessman and the community.

This was the subject of a planning application back in January. I spoke in favour of the shop's planning application but the Planning panel rejected it. I should say some of the panel. Cllr Alec Samuels quite properly supported the application.

The ramp provides access to the shop for parents with pushchairs. It is impossible to reduce the gradient of the ramp as there is insufficient space at the front of the shop. Reducing the gradient would take the ramp into the road. Removing the ramp will worsen access to the shop. The ramp is used and appreciated by the local community who signed a petition in support of the planning application back in January.

I have formally objected to the enforcement notice as has Brian Parnell.

I hope the planning panel have the sense to throw this out.

The matter will be considered at the Civic Centre on Tuesday 4th October.

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