Saturday, July 09, 2005

Parking in Cawte Road

Council officers have now responded to concerns that I raised about parking in Cawte Road.

Below is an extract of letters sent to residents who have written to me or the Council in recent weeks.

A few years ago a survey was carried out with a view to introducing a Residents’ Parking Scheme in the side roads off Shirley Road. At that time, as a result of residents' responses to the survey and the discussions with Ward Councillors, the proposals for the Cawte Road area were withdrawn. However, there now appears to be quite a lot of support in Cawte Road for a Residents’ Parking Scheme, and it may be possible to add Cawte Road to the existing Freemantle residents parking scheme. However, we would need to carry out further investigation, and there are still issues to be resolved, including funding.

If a residents parking scheme is introduced in Cawte Road, this would entail marking out parking bays. Yellow lines would be marked where we deem it unsafe or obstructive to park, even though vehicles may have parked there in the past. I would also point out that a residents permit does not guarantee a parking space, and a permit holder may park in any permit bay in their zone. Currently permits are limited to one per person, with a maximum of two per household, the first permit is free of charge, and a second costs £50 per year. The Freemantle residents parking scheme currently operates 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

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