Friday, March 11, 2005

Free Garden Waste

On Wednesday morning at 8:30am the Council’s Environment Scrutiny Panel will be looking at recycling issues and considering the Conservative proposal to introduce free bi-weekly garden waste collections across the city. For the past two years the Conservatives have been calling for the Council to scrap the £15 charge to residents for the collection of garden waste.

The proposal is very cost effective as currently the taxpayer is paying more and more for green waste to be land filled as the government’s land fill tax charge increases year on year.

It would mean more composting of green waste and thousands of tonnes less going to landfill. This also helps us achieve government recycling targets.

The policy is good for the environment as will help reduce the amount of greenhouses gases that we put into the air.

Hopefully the Lib Dems who run the Council will take up our policy after they hear the detail of the proposal.

1 comment:

Southampton Resident said...

Why should residents have to pay £20 for a Green Waste Collection Bag. The council should be encouraging people to recycle and provide this facility for free!