Thursday, March 10, 2005

Annual General Meeting of Retired Civil Servants

Went to the AGM of Retired Civil Servants today. The meeting was held at the New Forest Hotel in Ashurst. Spoke about our campaign to protect the Civil Service Sports Ground in Freemantle from housing development.

The Civil Service Sports Ground is up for sale by its owners the Civil Service Sports Association (CSSA). The fear is that the land will be sold for housing or maybe sold and land banked in the hope that flats can be built there at a future date.

Freemantle is desparately short of green space there is huge local support for saving the land and using it as an asset for the community.

The audience seemed sympathetic to our cause. Hopefully by raising this issue with ex service members we can put more pressure on the CSSA to talk with the local community group set up to try to save the land, the Freemantle and Shirley Community Trust. The trust is looking to buy the land so that it can be used for sports and social activities by local people and community groups.

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