Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Prime Minister Commits to In - Out EU Referendum

Campaigning for a EU Referendum at last year's Conservative Party Conference

Today's speech by the Prime Minister was truly historic and marks a watershed in Britain's relationship with Europe. The British people will be given a say on whether they wish to remain in the EU. I was not alive when Britain last voted on Europe and only those who are at least 55 today had a say when the country was last given a vote in 1975.

The vast majority of the public are thoroughly unhappy with our present relationship with Europe. A Conservative Government would renegotiate a new relationship with EU and put it to the people to decide whether we remain in or leave.

This is a chance to fundamentally change not just our relationship with Europe but hopefully Europe itself, a chance to regain control of our borders and to restore law making powers to this country and most importantly a chance for the British people to decide. 

I am very proud of the Prime Minister today and courage he has shown. The dividing line with Labour is clear. Labour will refuse the people a say. It is therefore imperative that the Conservatives win in 2015.


David Furnell said...

Which way will you vote.

Jeremy Moulton said...

based on our relationship now...OUT

if we get a new relationship...depends on the deal


Dave Furnell said...

I am strongly pro european and our future is as part of Europe so in answer to your question I would vote to stay in the EU.