Thursday, November 17, 2011

Southampton Pushes Ahead With Solar Energy Plans

Southampton City Council is pushing ahead with ambitious plans to install solar panels on schools, blocks of council flats and civic buildings.

This will mean cheaper energy for schools and ultimately the taxpayer, as well as being good news for the environment and a boost to business and jobs.

By installing solar PV we will also benefit by selling spare energy to the national grid and will earn money through the government's feed in tarrif (FiT), money that will help us meet the challenge of reduced council budgets and protect services to residents.

The decision to press ahead comes despite an announcement by government that they might bring forward the date at which they reduce the funding through the FiT, to 12th December from April as previously planned.

Because Southampton is ahead of schedule and through skillful procurement, we will be able to excelerate our scheme, with panels starting to go up as early as next week. This will mean we get the best return for our local investment possible.

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