Monday, October 24, 2011

Houses In Multiple Occupation Decision

The Council’s Cabinet today confirmed a decision to implement planning rules which will give the council more control over the number and spread of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). This decision follows several months of consultation with residents groups, landlords and the universities. The rules which come into force on 23rd March 2012 will mean that family homes in Southampton will require planning permission before being able to be converted into HMOs. This is called an Article 4 direction.

Between now and 23rd March further work and consultation take place, looking at a suitable planning policy to sit alongside the Article 4 direction. This policy will also come into effect on 23rd March and will set out when it is suitable and not suitable for HMOs to be given planning permission. Areas like Freemantle are likely to have more protection as there are already large numbers of HMOs in the ward.


Anonymous said...

A sad day for this proud university city this decision will push up student rents and cripple the building trade at a time when students are being charged through the nose in fees and the building industry is on its knees. Yet again local Tories pandering to the NIMBY minority at the expense of the ordinary silent majority. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

In a recent survey of properties within a residential area a mile or more from the university it was found 51% of properties are HMOs.The area represented by a residents association covers only 13 roads with 3,000 people,which is a density per hectare 3 times the national average.Some control over the conversion and extending of often small family dwellings,by none resident landlords,will be welcomed by those living with an already high number of student properties.