Friday, June 03, 2011

Save our Heart Unit

Like the majority of residents from Southampton I was extremely concerned to learn that the children’s heart surgery unit at Southampton General Hospital could close.

Losing the Ocean Ward would be a terrible loss to Southampton. It would mean that patients from Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands would have to travel to either London or Bristol for treatment; creating extra financial pressure on families, at a time that is already extremely emotional and stressful.

In a recent independent report by Sir Ian Kennedy, Southampton’s Heart ward was ranked second best in the country. It performs first class life saving procedures for hundreds of young children and babies in the South of England every year. Losing this ward could have huge consequences for those parents and children who depend on the dedication and expertise the Ocean Ward provides to their family.

Four options have been proposed by the NHS, three of which put Southampton’s Heart Unit in danger of being closed.

The Safe and Sustainable review itself says that option which includes Southampton (Option B):

- is the best option for retaining centres ranked highest for quality;
- includes the centres that are best for research and innovation;
- Would also protect vital intensive care services.

It’s quite simple; I, like you believe that patients deserve nothing less then very best in care. The ward is a leading centre for specialised treatment and is rated 2nd best in the country in its field. It makes absolutely no sense to close this much needed service. I would urge everyone to support the campaign to help keep the Ocean Ward open.

This campaign certainly has Southampton City Council’s support.

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The consultation survey is the only official way for the public to have their say and save our heart unit.

The survey can be completed
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