Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fluoride Decision Must Be A Local One

I am appalled at the arrogance of bureaucrats at the Strategic Health Authority. This unelected Quango is set to be abolished in April 2012, yet it still intends to push through its plans to add fluoride to our local water supply.

These sorts of controversial decisions should be taken locally and not by unaccountable bureaucrats. In April next year the SHA is being scrapped and decisions like fluoride will pass to local authorities. This makes their decision to push ahead even more perverse.

I am objecting to this in the strongest possible terms. They should put the decision on hold and then local people can decide the issue in due course.


Shaw Green said...

Except you cannot decide issues that are rooted in scientific facts and public health on the basis of a public beauty contest.

You know as well as I all those against it are strongly against it whilst the vast sensible majority are not so polarised and hence would dissportanately fail to register an opinion.

Anonymous said...

If the SHA succeed in introducing fluoridation before April 1912, the scheme will not be in the purview of the local council but of Andrew Lansley.

There will be no local democratic process to reverse the decision.