Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freemantle Ward Surgery

Your councillors are holding an advice surgery for local people at the Freemantle Community Centre on February 5th between 10am – 12pm.

Please come along if you need our help. There is no need to make an appointment. If you can’t make it please get in touch and we can arrange a home visit.

Cllr Jeremy Moulton
07940 766286 (mobile)
023 8083 3237 (office)

Cllr Michael Ball
023 8083 1788

Cllr Brian Parnell
023 8079 0094

1 comment:

WishartDarren said...

Dear mr moulton,
I was wondering if you could help with my complaint,it is about the rubbish that is piling up outside were i lived on millbrook road west & when i have to go to my friend's in lord'shill.i do not find it funny having to walk past stinking rotting rubbish as i stink like hell when i get home & have to shower three or four times a day.i would be really grateful if you contact by email,my email address is