Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Allotments for Brickfield Road

Raf Persaud, Chairman of Northcote, Brickfield, Somerset and Portswood Road Residents Association with Conservative Councillor Vincenzo Capozzoli

I am delighted at the decision by the city council to protect the unused land at the corner of Brickfield Road, in Portswood from development.

A decision was taken back in 2006 by the Lib Dem council Administration at the time to sell the land for housing and when this came to light last year there was strong opposition, led by the local community group (NBSP).

In particular I would like to thank Raf Persaud for his tireless campaigning on behalf of the community.

Portswood Councillor Vincenzo Capozzoli and I have been working for the past 12 months to keep the site green and to protect the land for the local community.

Following the public meeting of local residents last year we have been working hard behind the scenes to reach an agreement with the University that will see the site converted to allotments. Using the site for allotments was a suggestion put forward at the residents meeting last year and I am pleased that the council has listened to local people and found a way to achieve this.

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