Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I was selected as your Conservative Parliamentary Candidate 2 years ago and have been working hard to represent local residents.

is my home. I have grown up here, been educated here, worked in the city and I am keen to be a strong champion for local people.

I know 2009 has been a very difficult year for many families. As a city councillor I see on a day to day basis the impact that the recession is having locally.

As a councillor I have been dedicated to strengthening our front line local services. This has involved improving our schools, regenerating our housing estates, investing more in the roads and streetlights and providing more support to our vulnerable, young people and the elderly. I have also been focussed on keeping local taxes down; limiting council tax, introducing a discount for pensioner households and cutting city centre car parking charges.

As a candidate for Parliament I have been battling for a better deal for Southampton and campaigning on the issues that people tell me are important. For instance, by stressing David Cameron’s commitment to investing in and improving the NHS, campaigning against Labour’s damaging tax hikes to the Port of Southampton and highlighting Labour’s irresponsible approach to the management of the economy.

2010 will be election year. It is clear that only the Conservatives can change the government and can beat Labour in Southampton. However, the General Election isn’t just about which party should or shouldn’t lead the country. It is also an opportunity to change the culture in Westminister. Too many MPs have behaved disgracefully. Many will be stepping down and many will lose their seats. In all, next year, after the election, perhaps half of the MPs will be new. 2010 gives you the chance to elect a Parliament which puts the country and the people before self interest.

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