Monday, October 26, 2009

Backing Small Businesses

Southampton signs the Federation of Small Business Accord

This afternoon Southampton City Council signed up to the Federation of Small Business Accord, committing to work more closely with local businesses in the city.

As a local councillor I have been driving forward and supporting a range of initiatives to make Southampton a more business friendly city.

- The city council has cut car parking charges in the city centre. New pre payment cards provide a 20% discount and two car parks have had charges cut in half.

- Council procurement processes are being made simpler and easier for small businesses.

- I am ensuring that the city council is as proactive as possible in getting eligible businesses to take up small business rate relief and I am backing the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) campaign for Automatic Payment.

As a candidate at the next General Election I am very supportive of the policies announced by David Cameron that a Conservative Government would implement to help businesses struggling in this recession.

- Establishing a temporary National Loans Guarantee Scheme to get credit flowing again and help protect jobs.

- Allowing struggling firms to defer their VAT bills for up to six months.

- Cutting small firms' payroll taxes.

- Helping companies with the costs of hiring new staff by giving tax breaks for new jobs.

- Cutting the main rate of corporation tax.

- Cancelling Labour's planned increase in the small companies tax rate, and cutting the rate instead.

At October’s Conservative Party Conference, Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne announced plans to abolish national insurance for new companies during the first two years of a Conservative government. Under the scheme, any new business will not pay national insurance on the first ten workers it hires.

Ken Clarke also announced details of a new Green Paper, which sets out Conservative plans to combat excessive regulation and win the battle against red tape which is stifling business.

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Nico said...

Jeremy, don't you think that a cut in car parking charges would lead to more traffic in our already congested roads? It's more than time for the council to massively invest in a good cycle network and improve (towards an efficient) public transport system?