Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lake Park Improvements

Residents in Freemantle are being asked their views on how they would like to see Lake Park improved.

Yesterday I went along to the park to meet members of Groundwork Solent, the environmental charity who are leading the project in conjunction with the City Council.

£30,000 has been set aside by the Council for the improvements. When planning permission is granted for larger developments such as new houses and flats the developers must contribute funds towards improving the local area. The money for the park improvements comes from this pot of developer funds. In addition, Groundwork will aim to top it up by drawing in grants from other sources.

Across the city the Conservative Council is allocating more funding to local parks. The improvements to Lake Park will follow similar such works to Portswood Rec and Daisy Dip in Swaythling.

Lake Park is popular for families and dog walkers and I would like to see the works focus on improving the general appearance of the park, an emphasis on making it safer and also perhaps providing information on its history.

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