Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Conservatives are the only challenger to Labour in Southampton

The results of the European Elections for Southampton can be found HERE.

It was a good result for the Conservatives who topped the poll, with 50% more votes than Labour. Labour were very nearly knocked into third place by UKIP. The Lib Dem vote collapsed with them coming fifth behind the Greens.

It is now clearly a two horse race in Southampton at the next General Election with the Conservatives the only viable challenger to Labour in the city.

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David Furnell said...

I can generally agree with what you said. It is obvious that the Lib Dems are finished in Southampton and we are back to a two party system in the city.

There are some additional things to consider. The Lab vote was 2.5% higher than it should have been with national swing and the Tory vote was static compared with 2004 before you lost the 2005 election.

I think there is everything to play for in Soton Test.

Dave Furnell