Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crossing for Hill Lane?

For many years local residents have been complaining to me that its difficult to safety cross Hill Lane at the junction of Raymond Road. The entrance to Common makes it a popular place for people to want to cross and it is particularly difficult for parents with push chairs.

Now we have a Conservative run council action is finally being taken.

In the past proposals were brought forward for yet another set of traffic lights but I for one was very uncomfortable with this as I felt that it would mean more congestion and pollution on Hill Lane and more use of roads like Greville, Thornbury and Atherley as rat runs at rush hour.

Proposals have now been drawn up for a Toucan crossing.

In order to hear the views of local people a meeting is to be held in the St.John’s Centre in Raymond Road on Wednesday 23rd January 2008, between the hours of 2pm and 7:30pm.

Officers of the council will be there to answer your questions on the proposals.

The proposals being put forward are to provide a formal pedestrian and cycle crossing on Hill Lane just to the north of Raymond Road where the existing central island is located.

The reason for this proposal is to provide an improved crossing facility as well as linking the Cemetery Road cycle link to Raymond Road.

Additional features to be included are; the provision of a pedestrian refuge in Raymond Road and the widening of the footway in Hill Lane outside properties 184b, 186 and 188. The footway widening is to allow the ‘Give Way’ line in Raymond Road to be moved forward into Hill lane to improve the sight line for vehicles exiting Raymond Road.

I am hoping to be at the meeting in the evening after work so I can have chance to speak to people and gauge views on the proposals.

UPDATE 14/01/08: The meeting has now been changed to Wednesday 23rd January 2008.

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