Sunday, December 09, 2007

Selected For Southampton Test!

Yesterday afternoon I was selected to be the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test at the next General Election.

I am honoured by the faith that local party members have put in me by selecting me. I am also thrilled to be selected to represent my home seat.

I grew up in Southampton and went to school, college and university here. My family have lived in the city since 1948. So I really care about the area and I will always campaign positively to make it a better place.

I am looking forward to getting stuck into campaigning and to meeting as many people as I can.

I do believe that the wheels are really starting to come off Gordon Brown’s government and locally our MP seems to be more interested in representing the Government, rather than fighting for the interests of Southampton in Parliament.

I am determined to be a strong, local voice fighting for the interests of the city and I will work hard to represent everyone in Southampton.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jeremy on being selected for the Test seat.

This is winnable and i hope you do turn the seat blue as Whitehead is not representing the area as he should be.

Good Luck
From an ex UKIP member who cant remember my login details for Blogging

Jeremy Moulton said...

I hope so! I am determined to fight a positive campaign and to show what the Conservatives can do to make Southampton an even better place.

Maybe time to set up a new blog...!?