Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We Must Have A Refurendum on New EU Treaty

I was delighted that David Cameron made it clear that the Conservatives unequivocally support a refurendum on any new proposed treaty on the EU.

Gordon Brown looks like he is going back on an earlier government committment on EU constitution and appears to be arguing that new repackaged constitution won't warrant a public vote.

Not only should the government stick to its committment to giving the people their say they should make it clear there is no way Britain will even comtemplate giving further powers to Brussels. Until the EU can sign off its annual accounts and demonstrate where our money is going I can't see how the subject can even be on the agenda! Any commercial business that consistently failed to sign off its accounts would be shut down. Why should Brussels be any different?


Ryan Newell said...


If you believe in the UK governing itself you are in the wrong party.

Join UKIP you know it makes sense.

Stephen Phillips said...

Obviously I agree with Ryan but I also think that the Conservative Party need to be honest with the voters on the subject of the EU. Your party is split, you need to fight on behalf of the people and protect our interests. Not give up control of our Country to foreign politicians. Cameron made a pledge and then broke it, he seems too much like Bliar. Lose him and bring in someone honest.