Thursday, January 05, 2006

Comments in the Echo Letters Page

I have just read a letter in tonight's Echo from Labour Councillor June Bridle in which she seems to be rather mean to me!

I pointed out in a letter to the Echo a while ago (I posted a copy on this Blog) that the Council spending £300,000 on a toilet on Weston Shore was perhaps not the best use of public money. To put this in context there is talk of cutting 3/4s of a million pounds from the budget for providing home care for the elderly; something I find quite abhorent. I know which I think is a higher priority!

June was was critical as I knocked a decision of a Council of which I am a member. Well perhaps I see things differently to her. I see it as my job to promote the interests of the City and as an opposition Councillor to speak out where I disagree with decisions. I don't see it as my job to defend the Council. I suspect that this is because I got involved in poltitics because I disagreed with the way things were being run. June was part of a Labour Administration which ran the City for 20 years. I guess she has gone native.

June talks about the need for co-operation betweeen the political parties when the Council sets its budget for the year in February. Well I agree we should all work together where we can, although we are sure to disagree from time to time. I have always thought that I have put forward constructive arguments at previous budget setting debates. Indeed following discussions last February the administration took up my suggestions to have a free collection of garden waste. This helped reduce the amount we landfill and also the amount we pay in landfill tax. I would hope we can agree on other good policies this time and I have number in mind that I would like to put forward.

Anyway... there is a very good article from Linda Norris of Bassett in the 'In My View' section.

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