Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Various Updates...

I haven't had a chance to update the blog with anything meaningful for a while. Here are few things i've been up to:

2nd December - went to a dinner at the football club to celebrate the contributions that fosters carers make. Really interesting evening. Had a chance to talk to a few couples about their experiences.

5th December - Freemantle Community Centre AGM. This was the first time I have been to their AGM. Everyone there is really nice and very dedicated. The local community warden came along and talked about the work he was doing to improve they area. There was also an update from the Council about Social Service's plans to build onto the centre. I'll do a posting on this soon. It's rather complicated.

12th December - Resources Scrutiny Panel Meeting. We looked at various financial matters including plans for the Council to work in partnership with private sector firms to deliver improved customer services.

w/c 12th and w/c 19th - Budget meetings. The Council will set its annual budget in February next year. I have been working on the Conservative Group budget which we will present in February. This will include where we will spend money. Our priorities are improved social services, education, waste collection and recycling, and reducing crime. Our budget will include a variety of proposals to improve these things.

14th December (tonight) - Southampton Test constituency Christmas dinner. This is being held at the municpal golf club and should be excellent fun.

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