Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gyspy Grove Tidy Up

The Council tidied up and painted the Gyspy Grove Alleyway last year however since then it been graffitied and has one again become an eysore.

In April I asked whether the Council was interested in having a graffiti mural to discourage more vandalism. Clearly anything like this would have to be tasteful and supported by the community.

The Council's Central Neighbourhoods Partnership is now planning to do an art project, in consultation with local people, in Gypsy Grove. It is in the very early stages as yet but I would be interested in your views. The contact at the Council is Kirsten Killander (kirsten.killander@southampton.gov.uk).

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Ben said...

Glad to see your working hard, although, judging by your comments, it seems few are taking notice, that's ok though, some day your karma will repay you.